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Axon Commander

On-Premise Digital Evidence Management

Axon Commander turns your agency infrastructure into a secure command centre for all of your digital evidence. Evidence of any type—videos, photos, audio recordings, documents, surveillance footage, and cold case files—is housed in one system, accessible from anywhere on your network. Commander easily integrates with your existing server, hard drive, or cloud storage system. Files are secure, and access can be granted and restricted with the press of a button. Automated routing, copying, and archiving of designated files saves valuable time and ensures proper handling of your most sensitive data.

21st-century technology for the world’s emerging markets

Designed to meet the evidence management needs of agencies in regions without reliable high-speed internet access, Commander delivers many of the same features of cloud-based to customers using on-premise storage systems.

  • Manage digital evidence of any file type on-premise
  • Grant or restrict access to any designated parties on your agency’s network
  • Automatically route, copy, or delete files of specified priority or age
  • Retain complete chain of custody
  • Burn and label DVDs automatically when needed
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